It’s February at last, which means we have endured the doldrums of January’s everlasting days and nights of frigid weather! More importantly, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and with that comes a month of inspiration around every bend. The first day of February sweeps in and envelopes me with a warm and fuzzy feeling that love is in the air. I am always inspired by the beauty this month creates for us in so many capacities. For me personally, I love seeing the beauty of so many beautiful flowers greeting me through every door of every business and home. That’s what February should be about! Heck, that’s what every month should be about. I’m a flower kind of gal and have done my due diligence in the way of scouting out the best floral design business on the Main Line. My criteria was to find a business that curates a selection of the freshest and most exceptional flowers, whose designs are distinctive from every angle and above all else offers amazing customer service. With so many florists in our area it took some time to be thorough in my research, but I’m proud to say ultimately I found my match with THE ARGYLE BOUQUET, located in Suburban Square in the Ardmore Farmer’s Market. I am always pleasantly surprised by the superb quality of the flowers that owner, Heather King continually carries in her shop. Heather and her design team arrange bouquets that you honestly will not find anywhere else in our area. The intricate details in the rustic and elegant arrangements that ARGYLE creates truly make you feel as if you are a part of something really special. I had the opportunity to sit down with Heather King herself, and hear a little more about where she draws her inspiration from and how she discovered her inner talent.  Here is what she had to say… 


Heather, I’d like to firstly congratulate you on building such a beautiful and successful floral design business here on the Main Line. You have such a keen eye for quality and design, and I’m curious to know when your inspiration with floral design began?

Laurie, thank you! I am still blown away daily by the success of ARGYLE. My “keen eye”, as you call it, just lives inside me. Wish I could say I have a method, but I think it is simply my style. I buy for the shop as I would for my home. My inspiration - growing up I loved to give flowers to friends when they needed a pick me up. I would go to flower shops that would allow me into the coolers so that I could pick out and design the bouquets as I wanted…so it meant more. Years later I started a milk glass collection and one day a particular vase was calling to me that it needed to be filled and when doing so I felt excited, creative and wanted to do more. 

Tell me a little more about your background, and how you came about to open THE ARGYLE BOUQUET?

I think it began as a little girl. I was raised on a 10 acre farm in Malvern, long before Malvern was cool. We had sheep, goats and lots of areas to garden. My parents would have us out in the soil planting veggies and flowers. Flash forward to around 2012. My Aunt was getting married at my parent’s farm and I asked if I could design the florals as my gift to them. It’s amazing what Facebook can do with a sweet little family wedding in your back yard. People started to comment and before you knew it I was doing my nephews Bar Mitzvah. Then school fundraisers. Before I knew it I had taken over my garage and had a small studio! In October of 2013 I received a phone call from the management team of Suburban Square asking me to consider taking the floral stand in their Farmer’s Market. The only catch, I would have to be up and running before Thanksgiving. Terrified, I immediately said no and hung up. My husband was with me and asked what the call was about. When I told him, he said “call them back” I think we should check it out. I was up and running 3 weeks later.

You have a wide variety of services that you offer here at THE ARGYLE BOUQUET. Can you embellish a bit more on the range of services that you provide?

Our stand is deceiving! We are a full service florist. We do everything from unique hand tied bouquets to wedding florals. We have amazing orchids, plants and succulents. We visit our client’s homes regularly whether they are in need of a large vessel to be filled or planting up their urns with unique seasonal designs. Our shelves are filled with a lovely selection of gift items for the most hard to buy friends!


What is the most important aspect of your business?

Knowing my client, that is what drives me daily. I comb through catalogs, walk showrooms, ask annoying questions to my reps and spend hours looking for the most unique flowers from the best growers so that I can deliver the best possible product to my clients. I owe it to them.

I have never seen flowers as healthy and everlasting as the bouquets I have purchased from your business.  What is your secret?

Honestly. My secret is not so secret. When you stop by ARGYLE on any given day you will find us processing flowers. I don’t sell flowers that aren’t fresh. The reason they last is that we process every stem as soon as they arrive. If there is a flaw or it doesn’t look perfect we send it back, plain and simple.

We hear you are opening up a new location in Haverford! How very exciting!  What can we expect to see in your new retail location?  


You hear correctly! The new location will be in the old Saxby’s on Lancaster Avenue. ARGYLE FLORAL-HOME-GARDEN.  What you can expect to see in this location is a well cultivated collection of items for your home and garden, (and of course, lots of flowers). Think rustic elegance. I have been searching the area for local artisans as well as items that are small batch and one of a kind. Our plant section will be expanding and we will now be able to provide amazing planters, pots and other essentials to make your outdoor living spaces special. We will finally have a large design space for our large scale events!  

Clearly we are huge fans of THE ARGYLE BOUQUET, but what do you think separates you as a florist versus other floral businesses along the main line?  

I can’t speak for other businesses, only to my own. I LOVE what I do. I love my team and I love my clients. Therefore I owe it to all of them to provide the best experience. Whether it is a little nosegay for a ballerina’s first recital or full scale florals for a couple’s big day. Everyone gets the same level of care and attention. That’s why we are special. 

We think The Argyle Bouquet is a pretty special place too Heather.  Stop on by everyone, and then stop on by again. One can never have too many flowers. 


The Argyle Bouquet

The Ardmore Farmers Market

120 Coulter Avenue

Ardmore, PA 


Place an Order: 610.642.4644

 Your Editor,

 Laurie Wightman