About heather king


Heather was born and raised on a farm on the Main Line of suburban Philadelphia, and has always kept herself as close to nature as possible. She spent several years living in the mountains of Park City, Utah but after nine years, she felt it was time to return to her roots and her home in Pennsylvania. Heather is a lover and avid collector of all things vintage, from floral frocks to milk glass from the mid-1900s. It was her collection of milk glass vases that inspired her to begin arranging flowers. Heather would look at the vases and could picture the arrangements before she even created them.

Heather's vision and passion have been her guiding light ever since–along with her fabulous husband, 3 beautiful children, and 2 crazy dogs. She loves flowers because they make people happy, no matter what. So no matter the occasion, trust Argyle Bouquet to make any day bright and beautiful.